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By my participation in the Pro Cleaning Council (“Council”), sponsored by Research Solutions, Inc. (“Sponsor”), I agree as follows:


  1. I will report to Sponsor my evaluation of all concepts/ideas and/or products I have been asked to evaluate under the Council.

  2. I will NOT reveal to any other person or entity, including co-workers or family members, (a) my participation in the Council, (b) the nature of any concept or product, or (c) the results of my evaluation.  If I am given samples, I will not discuss the products with any third party, or show, expose or provide any of the products to any third party.  However, I understand that if I am instructed to use such product in the ordinary course of my business, then incidental visible disclosure of the product to third parties may occur.

  3. I will follow Sponsor’s instructions, including, but not limited to, the manner in which products are placed, tested, disclosed, safeguarded or used.  I will follow the specific study instructions and either return the test product, completely use, or dispose of all samples (depending on the product tested) after the evaluation is complete, and I will not copy or reproduce them.

  4. Sponsor and its client will be free to use my evaluation results, including any submissions I make, without any compensation or other obligation to me, as well as any technological, marketing, business or other idea that I suggest or create in response to my participation in the Council or exposure to concepts or products or information in connection with the Council.  In addition, any invention, whether patentable or not, including compositions, formulas, designs, products, and methods, together with any data, and any know-how, trade secret, and other intellectual property that I conceive or make during or as part of the Council will be “Council IP”.  Council IP will be the exclusive property of Sponsor’s client and I hereby assign, transfer, and release to Sponsor’s client all of my rights in and to all Council IP free and clear of any lien, encumbrance or any other right or interest of any other person or entity, and will execute all documents requested by Sponsor or its client to further document Sponsor’s client ownership rights.

  5. I represent and warrant that I have the right to provide Sponsor any and all submissions I may provide as part of the Council.

  6. I understand that, owing to the confidential nature of the tests, the exact composition of a product I may be asked to evaluate and/or a list of its ingredients may not be revealed to me.  I understand that I will be provided a safety data sheet (SDS) for any product provided to me.

  7. I have the proper training to participate in the Council and fully understand and accept the risks of my participation, including such things as allergic reactions.  I commit to promptly inform Sponsor of any adverse reaction or situation relating to any product or its use.

  8. I am not pregnant or nursing. If during the Council I become pregnant or nurse, I will cease using the products and terminate my participation in the Council.

  9. I will carefully review all product labels, instructions and MSDS and will comply with all such materials and all applicable environmental, safety and health legal requirements and regulations in connection with the storage, handling, use and disposal of the product, including using appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g., appropriate eye and face protection, hand protection and footwear), and take all other necessary measures to protect the safety and health of other persons (e.g., appropriate signage) and the environment.

  10. I agree to hold Sponsor and its client (together with its subsidiaries, employees, and agents) harmless and hereby waive any and all causes of action I may have against them from any injuries and damages I may suffer as a result of participating in the Council, except as may be caused by their intentional wrong doing or gross negligence.  I also agree to hold Sponsor and its client (together with their subsidiaries, employees and agents) harmless from, and to indemnify them against, any claim any third party may have against them as a result of my use of the products and participation in the Council, except to the extent caused by their intentional wrongs or gross negligence.

  11.  I agree I am not acting as an employee of Sponsor or any client of the Sponsor.  I further agree that the Sponsor may terminate my participation in the Council at its sole discretion at any time and for any reason.  I also acknowledge that I may cease using the products and/or my participation in the Council at any time by providing email notice to Sponsor. 

  12.  I agree Sponsor has the right to collect and use any personal information I may provide as part of the Council for research purposes only, or as provided above.

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