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November Newsletter

Thank you for following us to the new website and rejoining as new panelists. We appreciate you taking the time to go through the profile questionnaire and updating your information. We hope you enjoy the new look for the website and tell your friends and associates to sign up.

New surveys will continue to be emailed to you with hotlinks in the invitation; however, you can always log into the website and see any open surveys listed anytime. Simply click on the start button on the far right and begin the survey. Remember, for every activity you participate in, your odds improve in getting your name pulled for one of the monthly sweepstakes drawing.

Joining me in congratulating our October winners: Toby, Tori and Keith.

If you haven’t already, please log in and complete the Social Media Platform survey. This short survey will only take 3-4 minutes of your time and will only be open until November 23rd.

Should you have any problem with your login, please email

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